What our clients are saying about Inspireamillion:

"I have learned a lot. Very inspired"

Samuel (Student), UK

"...We are all back in the US. I wanted to take a moment to email and thank you again for the AMAZING work you did with my students. The day we spent with you was a significant highlight of this trip for them. Thank you so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to impart your expertise on us. I hope you stay in touch."

Professor Binta Alleyne-Green (Fordham University), USA

"...this was a wonderful experience and I wish others could have the same experience that I was fortunate enough to have. I very much appreciate all of you and your team's effort, professionalism, and the time that you shared with us."

David Franke MSW (Masters Student at University of Cincinnati), USA

"Thank you for a very inspirational presentation."

Professor Carol Wheeler-Strother (University of Cincinnati), USA

"...defintely a highlight of my trip (to the UK) and an unforgettable experience..."

Ashley N. Felts BA (Masters Student at University of Cincinnati), USA

"Maswood, thank you so much for providing our students and myself with such an amazing day! We learned a lot, and truly enjoyed your company, your extensive knowledge..."

Marciana L. Popescu, PhD (Associate Professor Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service), USA

We found the event extremely positive, uplifting and motivational as well as informative and inspirational. Thank you very much Maswood for being an excellent mentor.

Darlene R.

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