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Inspireamillion is synonymous with first-class products. We have an extensive range of professional courses and resources to help you and your organisation move to the next level. Our reputation is second to none. We always aim high, and we never miss!

Overview of our products

  1. Motivational Speaker - Primary School
  2. Motivational Speaker - Secondary School
  3. Motivational Speaker - University School
  4. Motivational Speaker - Youth Service/Centre
  5. Motivational Speaker - Community Centre/Church/Religious Institution
  6. Motivational Speaker - Corporate Events
  7. Motivational Speaker - International Events
  8. Coaching & Mentoring Services (1:1 Coaching)
  9. Leadership Training: Module 1 (ASDAN Accredited)
  10. Leadership Training: Module 2 (ASDAN Accredited)
  11. Leadership Training: Module 3 (ASDAN Accredited)
  12. Team Development - Public Service/Social Care - 1 day
  13. Team Development - Corporate - 1 day
  14. Stress Management - 1 day
  15. Young People - Think Big & Aim High
  16. Safeguarding in Education - 1 day INSET Training
  17. Book: Inspirational Leaders: Secrets for Success [Pre Order]
  18. Executive Career Coaching and Mentoring - one to one via Skype or face to face (London office)
  19. Motivational Coaching - for entrepreneurs
  20. Motivational Coaching for the Youth
  21. Motivational Coaching and Mentoring for Looked After Children and Young People
  22. Public Speaking and confidence building - coaching
  23. Job Interview Skills including coaching - one to one via Skype or face to face (London office)
  24. Cultural Exchange and diversity training - international excursions.
  25. Independent Social Work assessments - Parenting/Risk Assessments
  26. International Social Work Assessments - Special Guardianship Assessments (SGO)
  27. International Social Work Assessments - Cultural assessments
  28. International Social Work Assessments - Immigration s25 Assessments
  29. Inspiring Change(TM) - A Programme for Positive Change
  30. Public Speaking and confidence building - Training for individuals and organisations (please enquire for bespoke training).

Please send an e-mail if you would like to book any of the above programmes or you need further information.

Popular Products and Services

Motivational Speaker - Corporate Events

Our specialist motivational speaker will provide an inspirational and uplifting speech at corporate events.

Motivational Speaker - International Events

Maswood Ahmed MBA inspires thousands of clients around the world at international events, conferences and seminars.

Personal Coaching and Mentorship

Get the best information and one-to-one help, equipping you with what you need to succeed in your field.

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We're always happy to discuss our extensive range of leadership development courses and other inspirational products. Please contact us on +44 7956 436622 +44 7956 436622 or use our contact form.

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